How Do You Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New?

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Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New

How Do You Keep Your Vehicle Running Like New?

What’s the Secret to Like-New Drive?

Are you curious about how to keep your car running like new? After all, it’s completely possible to have a ride with more than 100,000 miles on the odometer that still performs in peak condition—virtually as good as the day it left the dealer. Thankfully, the answer is as simple as keeping up with your car repairs and maintenance as they pop up—but where do you begin? No need to panic, as today, we’ll let you in on a few of our top tips. Also, schedule your service online at the Spitzer Chevy Buick GMC DuBois service center near Clearfield, PA.

Premium Rides…It’s All in the Maintenance Schedule

The easiest place to start involves covering your car’s maintenance schedule basics—and one of the most critical pieces is your oil change service. As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to perform this service every 7,500 miles to 10,000 miles—but if you don’t drive that much, an oil change once a year usually gets the job done, as old oil shifts in consistency and can damage your motor. Also, check what type of oil your ride needs—as high-performance models like the Camaro perform better with synthetic blends to help your engine properly cool after a day of premier exhilaration.

For our next maintenance tip—check your tires. The inspection on your end is easy and cheap (one cent to be exact)—just pull out a penny and insert the coin head-first in your tires—can you see the top of Honest Abe’s head? Then it’s time for a new set of tires, as your current set is more likely to hydroplane on a rainy day, lose grip when you try to corner, and reduce your fuel economy. While you’re at it, keep your brakes in peak condition as well—usually, a loud screeching sound is a signal it’s time for new components—but we can also check for you before you start experiencing issues with stopping.

Fix What You Don’t See…The power of Fluids and Diagnostics

The next tip to helping your rides extend well beyond 100,000 miles involves keeping up with your fluid levels. While your vehicle’s fluids aren’t always on the top of your mind, they serve a critical purpose, so have our technicians look at your brake fluids, transmission fluids, and much more to help ensure your car continues to work as needed.

Next, play it safe and schedule a diagnostic test. This inspection is sort of like a check-up for your car, and we recommend at least one a year, as this is how our experts can detect potential issues early like a misfiring cylinder, which, if ignored, can cause your ride to become undrivable. Even in mild cases, solving an issue like a hidden cracked gas cap can help with your fuel economy, so you have virtually nothing to lose here.

Like-New Cruising Ahead: Start in DuBois, PA

There’s something special about the exhilaration your GM model supplies for you—so help your vehicle continue to run like new by scheduling your service at Spitzer Chevy Buick GMC DuBois today near Osceola Mills, PA. We’re also here to answer your questions or help walk you through your maintenance schedule—and that’s only the start of how we offer some of the best vehicle service you’ll find in DuBois, PA.

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